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Solar Power is Now Cheaper Than Coal

The IEA (International Energy Agency) has announced that powering your home with solar is now cheaper than renting it from the utility company.

Through years of research and development on solar panels and other incentives we are now able to offer this product at an affordable price to everyone.

We offer no money down financing through multiple lending partners with superior rates. This allows you to switch to solar without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for it. Take the same money you are already spending on electricity and put it towards a fixed solar loan payment that is equal or even cheaper than your electric bill! Many electric companies also offer rebates on your system as well… FREE MONEY!

The demand for residential solar is increasing rapidly and people are starting to take note. The government has extended the Federal Investment Tax Credit of 26% through the year 2022. This means that you will continue to be able to get 26% of the entire cost of your solar system deducted from your taxes. You are essentially getting 26% of your solar system free! This is big news, it means you will be saving even more money by switching to solar power in the next two years!

However with increasing demand, comes a decrease in incentives. The government is set to reduce the Federal Investment Tax Credit down to 22% at the beginning of 2023. Along with that decrease, electric companies are already lowering or eliminating their rebates now. The longer you wait to go solar, the more money you will be spending on it.



Take advantage of the free money incentives and no money down financing and go solar now!

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