Every month you pay your electric bill to the utility company you will never see that money again. Just like renting an apartment versus owning a home. You can build equity just like your home, but now with electricity! 
Protect yourself from the utility company's inflation every year! Switch to Ecovole and save THOUSANDS!

Where Do We Start?

The first step in the process of transitioning to renewable energy with solar is the consultation. In your appointment with our solar experts, you will be informed about how solar works and why it could be a great investment for you. Our experts provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an educated decision with full transparency. 

When your customized system design is complete, it will then be sent over to you for approval and we will move straight into the city/county and utility application stage. This process can take anywhere from 10-30 days depending on city/county and utility workload and requirements. 



After making the decision to go solar, you will then move into the system design stage. In this stage, we will survey your home and our engineers will map out your system. This process typically takes no longer than 5 days to complete after the initial survey of your home.



Ensuing the city/county and utility application stage, you will be ready for installation. The installation is a two day process broken up between racking/panels and electrical. Most of the time, racking and panels will be installed on day one and day two will consist of electrical work.

With your new self-generating power plant installed, the last step of the process is inspection. All systems are overlooked by our in-house, licensed electricians to ensure the utmost quality and no reasons for denial prior to the city/county inspection. Once we have permission to operate, your system will be turned on and you will begin reaping the tremendous benefits of solar.



Don't stop at energy independence, be sure to take advantage of our referral program. Not only will you help your family and friends escape the monopoly of electric companies, but you will also earn yourself $500 for each referral that goes solar. This will increase your ROI and decrease our carbon footprint on this beautiful planet!


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